L'Atelier d'Alain

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L'Atelier d'Alain

L'Atelier d'Alain - Traditional Restaurant - NANTES

Alain Ruffault fell little in the pot ... a child he wore the white jacket weekends and holidays ...

The highlight? When he joined Alain Chapel in Mionnay! And during breaks, he worked with George Blanc ...

"In my opinion, the great guru is Alain Chapel ... I loved its simplicity, naturalness of its products that transform into a special recipe ... and his attention to customers, showing everyone that is unique ... that's what I try to do my turn in Nantes ... "

Back in Nantes, it strengthens the company of his father, the famous Catering Ruffault, for 16 years, before embarking on the adventure: the end of September 2004, it was the birth of the Atelier d'Alain.

"The kitchen is the only thing I can do ..." he said modestly.
They forget that it gives pleasure, a real moment of relaxation, a dream space ...

"Gastronomy is a passion, it is the center of my life - of course after Hélène"

And wine, Alain?

"Good wine is the one I like - but I've never drank bad - year after year, the wines are changing, wine making changes - the little wine, then I wonder if the owner not a dedicated wine. This is how I found the superb Côtes du Roussillon or Macon Blanc you enjoy!

Every year I make a trip to a local: Bordeaux, Spain for ham and wine producers do their job better, and I like to discover - often by chance, turning a cellar of a vineyard. .. I taste a Rioja, Vouvray, Burgundy, Alsace winemakers ... View helps explain their wine ... like seeing oyster farmers tell their oysters ... "

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